Why Anaplan for your
Enterprise Planning needs?

Anaplan's Integration of Accuracy, Speed, Flexibility, Visibility, and Collaboration leads to Robust Planning

Anaplan seamlessly integrates a powerful planning and modeling engine, predictive analytics, and cloud collaboration into an intuitive Excel-like interface. This unified platform enhances planning capabilities across various sectors of a private capital business, such as finance, investor relations, portfolio management, operations, executive committee planning, and HR. Anaplan ensures the alignment of performance data with business strategy and processes, contributing to successful and resilient planning.

  • Anaplan seamlessly integrates with your current technology stack
  • Anaplan operates throughout your entire organization
  • Anaplan integrates with various processes within any existing ecosystem
  • Anaplan is a scalable digital platform with cloud-based capabilities

Key characteristics of Anaplan

Here are some key characteristics of Anaplan

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Predictive Analytics

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User-Friendly Interface

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Solution Architect

Empowering Users

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Anaplan Connects Your
People, Plans And Data

Optimize your data utilization by streamlining the gathering process and
dedicating more time to in-depth analysis with Expert Anaplan Model Builders at ACGIndia.

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The Anaplan platform empowers enterprise users with a user-friendly interface, enabling business professionals to make data-driven decisions without the expertise of a data scientist. Anaplan encompasses modules for diverse functions such as workforce planning, quota planning, commission calculation, project planning, demand planning, budgeting, planning and forecasting, financial consolidation, and profitability modeling.

As India's premier and most experienced consultancy focused on Anaplan, we pride ourselves on being Anaplan experts. Our Anaplan model builder(s) can quickly deploy models for different use cases. With a proven track record, we have successfully executed numerous Anaplan projects spanning various use cases. From financial planning and analysis to demand and supply planning, workforce planning to sales planning. You can trust us as comprehensive Anaplan architects and consultants.

Anaplan's Value Proposition

Here are some Anaplan’s Value Proposition

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Scenario Modeling

Anaplan facilitates sophisticated scenario modeling, empowering organizations to assess potential outcomes and make strategic decisions based on comprehensive analyses.

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Connected Planning

It fosters connected planning across various departments, breaking down silos and promoting collaboration. This interconnected approach ensures a holistic view of the entire business

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Anaplan is designed to scale with the growth of a business. Whether it's expanding operations or entering new markets, the platform can accommodate increased complexity without compromising performance.

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Real-Time Collaboration

With its cloud-based nature, Anaplan enables real-time collaboration among teams, ensuring that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.

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Time and Resource Efficiency

By replacing traditional spreadsheet-based planning with its cloud-based platform, Anaplan significantly improves efficiency. This translates to saving time, reducing errors, and optimizing resources

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Advanced Analytics

Anaplan integrates advanced analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to derive meaningful insights from their data, leading to more informed and strategic decision-making

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