Strengthen your go-to-market

Implementation with confidence, supported by real-time accurate data and
enhanced collaboration across departments and functions.

In an ever-growing and competitive market landscape, visionary sales leaders are innovating their sales approaches and devising advanced strategies to maintain a competitive edge. In tandem with sales efforts, marketing teams must seamlessly align plans and initiatives with the sales forecast, enabling the exploration of limitless what-if scenarios to grasp the implications of adjustments to the go-to-market plan.

Centralizing the management of a go-to-market strategy on a unified platform empowers teams, fostering agility and foresight. This approach enables teams to anticipate and safeguard revenue through adaptable and collaborative sales and marketing planning.

Conventional Sales and Marketing Solutions

Trade Promotion Strategy
and Planning

Enhance promotion planning precision and teamwork through adaptable promotion modeling and comprehensive performance analysis.

Sales Performance

Establish a unified and dependable source of truth across all revenue functions. Facilitate seamless collaboration with multiple teams, enabling instantaneous linkage of adjustments in quotas, territories, compensation plans, or forecasts to all other pertinent plans and decisions.

Strategic Revenue Planning for
Commercial Success

Refine assumptions, adjust drivers, and update models to reflect the latest dynamics swiftly. Rapidly re-forecast sales, down to the granularity of individual SKUs or customer combinations, ensuring agility and responsiveness to the current business landscape.

Features & Capabilities of Sales
& Marketing Analytics

Our Sales & Marketing Analytics services address challenges by swiftly collecting,
organizing, and correlating valuable data, providing actionable insights
to drive informed decision-making.

Modern marketing platforms derive their value from the rapid storage and processing of vast amounts of data. However, the challenge lies in the sheer volume, making it impractical for marketers to manually sift through it all in real-time for optimizations. This is where the processing capabilities of advanced analytics platforms prove indispensable, empowering marketers to make timely adjustments to creative content or ad placement before a campaign concludes, ultimately boosting potential return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore, advanced analytics platforms extend their impact beyond measuring consumer engagements. They delve into insights regarding brand equity and the specific reactions of distinct audience segments to creative elements. This depth of understanding allows marketers to not only assess the ROI of brand-building efforts but also refine strategies for delivering more personalized and impactful branded experiences.

When implementing a marketing analytics solution, we consider these key features and capabilities:

  • Leveraging Real-Time Analytics for Instantaneous Insights
  • Capabilities for Measuring Brand Performance
  • Detailed, Individual-Level Data
  • Integrating Online and Offline Attribution Metrics for Enhanced Correlation
  • Yearly Media Plan Suggestions
  • Insights into Customers and Markets with Context

Key features of Solutions by ACGs experts
for Sales & Marketing

Our solution enables data-driven analytical interventions throughout the customer
life cycle, ensuring robust customer retention and minimizing churn rates.

Framework for Determining
Next-Best Actions

Campaign Optimization

Retention Index for
Customer Loyalty

Attribution Modeling
by Channel

Price Optimization

Log File Analysis

Asset Allocation Model

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