Why do we need Enterprise Planning?

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Enterprise planning serves as a cornerstone for large organizations, harmonizing planning activities across various departments such as finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT, and operations. Its objective is to offer planners a comprehensive view of financial performance throughout the enterprise. Achieving this involves breaking down operational silos, merging financial and operational planning processes, and funneling departmental data into a unified source accessible to management for decision support.

By integrating financial and non-financial information within a single system, enterprise planning solutions enhance cross-functional communication, fostering collaboration between finance and operations. This holistic approach improves the flow of information, providing greater visibility into current and future financial outcomes and their impact on overall operations. The ultimate goal is to drive better business results through enhanced collaboration, streamlined planning processes, and a unified approach to decision-making.

Benefits of Enterprise Planning

Enterprise planning aligns finance and operations

Enterprise planning empowers planners to discern the cause-and-effect relationship between operational and financial data. This heightened visibility provides planners with a clearer understanding of resource requirements, facilitating the optimization of business performance

Enterprise planning sheds light on performance

By adopting an enterprise planning strategy, organizations can align their entire business. When planning functions are connected enterprise-wide, planners from every department collaboratively set goals, create budgets, and formulate plans considering all facets of the organization

Enterprise planning supports decision making

Enterprise planning systems enhance analysts' insights by democratizing pertinent information across departments. With the capability to sift and organize enterprise data based on various factors, analysts can discern the root cause of performance, empowering them to take decisive action or adjust strategies as needed

Enterprise planning improves cross-functional collaboration

In traditional departmental planning, plans are often isolated from each other. Implementing a unified planning process across the organization ensures that each department plans with a holistic perspective, fostering collaboration. This approach leads to operational strategies that incorporate financial considerations and enhance overall performance management.

Resource Optimization

With a holistic view of operations and finances, enterprise planning enables organizations to optimize resources by aligning budgets and plans with strategic objectives, avoiding unnecessary expenditures


Enterprise planning solutions are designed to scale alongside organizational growth, ensuring that planning processes remain robust and effective even as the business expands

Why do we need EPM ?

Our team gets involved in taking proactive measures or implementing strategies
to mitigate the negative impact of challenges and ensure a more favorable outcome

EPM software has undergone significant evolution, transitioning to the cloud and introducing fresh advantages for Finance departments and the broader enterprise. This shift automates and

expedites management processes, fostering improved alignment across the organization. Additionally, EPM software complements other IT investments, including ERP, CRM, and BI systems, addressing the following challenges:

  • Disjointed planning procedures and unlinked systems
  • Unreliable forecasts complicating uncertainty management
  • Protracted approval cycles and sluggish decision-making impeding agility
  • Complications in allocating resources among projects and departments
  • Challenges in securing stakeholder alignment and buy-in throughout the planning process

Foundations for an Integrated Enterprise
Performance Management

Embracing a holistic perspective, an integrated EPM strategy seamlessly weaves together financial and operational facets, unlocking the full potential for informed decision-making and sustained excellence

Supply Chain Planning

Sales and Marketing Planning

Workforce Planning

Financial Planning and Analysis

Integrated Business Planning

Strategic Planning

How ACG Can Assist

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Experience the swift deployment of our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution, ensuring a quick and efficient integration to meet your business objectives promptly.

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