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The consumer goods industry confronts a myriad of challenges, including volatile raw material prices, rapidly changing product landscapes, high inventory turnover, and unpredictable consumer reactions, all contributing to heightened complexity. Logistics and product distribution further compound these challenges with fixed delivery times, extended residual terms, and potential contractual penalties, adding to the overall cost pressures.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the consumer goods sector, we have successfully executed SAP implementations for various brand and trademark manufacturers. Our profound understanding of the food and beverage industry extends beyond mere buzzwords, encompassing familiarity with FMCG processes and flexible recipe management. We grasp the intricacies of mapping batch traceability within the SAP system, offering a diverse range of solutions for seamlessly integrating, consolidating, analyzing, and visualizing data from all administrative systems.

Our commitment extends to providing a reliable platform for analysis, reporting, and planning across different decision-making levels within your company. By establishing a uniform data foundation, we offer transparency in terms of costs, earnings, and quality. Our expertise also spans e-commerce sales and brick-and-mortar retail, as well as customer interaction, where we excel in developing modern and intuitive apps for e-commerce.

Topics for the Consumer Goods Industry

The multifaceted nature of the consumer goods industry can serve as a
foundation for in-depth discussions and analyses

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the most promising subdomains of computer science, mimicking human decision-making structures and striving to automate intelligent behavior. AI projects aim to cut time and costs, boost efficiency, enhance the customer experience and even establish new AI-based business models.

Usage of Big Data

Uncover Revolutionary Solutions Unattainable Without Big Data. The analysis of vast datasets represents an exceptionally rich knowledge source, presenting unprecedented opportunities to enhance and revolutionize your business processes. Leveraging Big Data analytics opens the door to transformative insights and innovative solutions that were previously inconceivable, empowering organizations to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge in today's data-driven landscape.

IT Security and Data Privacy

As digitalization advances, companies become more susceptible to network-based attacks. Infiltration into the IT infrastructure by foreign entities can lead to severe and uncontrollable consequences. Our comprehensive security portfolio offers reliable and effective protection, safeguarding your organization against potential harm.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency in the Field through Consumer Goods Data Analytics

From the inception of the idea to the triumphant execution

In the pursuit of ensuring that the right products and quantities are consistently available where needed, we recognize the necessity for individualized and interconnected logistics solutions. Our experts are well-versed in strategically planning new logistics networks and optimizing existing ones, offering comprehensive consulting services and implementing proprietary software solutions to meet your specific needs. With ACG, you empower yourself and your team to quickly and effectively to address the following questions:

  • How does adherence to compliance standards impact sales performance?
  • How to provide information on the locations of out-of-stock items?
  • How does the frequency of visits correlate with sales performance?
  • How to identify which of the stores tend to be in or out of compliance?

Components of Continuous Improvement


Broadly, every field action initiates from an Insight. An Insight is essentially a signal from your data, indicating a potential problem or opportunity in the field that you can address to positively influence sales.


Subsequently, you transition into the Planning stage. This involves scrutinizing past performance to determine when, where, and with whom you will seize that opportunity. It also entails specifying the precise steps to be taken in the store to yield the highest impact.


Upon deploying your team, the process advances to the Action stage. Your representatives execute the devised plan in their designated accounts, providing data on the in-store conditions they encounter and the impact they achieve. The data generated from these activities loops back into your dataset, shaping the next set of Insights that restart the iterative process.

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