05 Jan 2024

Case Study – Telecommunication Industry

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We are sharing a case study of a Telecommunication industry business.

The intricate service processes and the requirement to seamlessly integrate diverse technologies characterize the BPO industry as technology- and knowledge-intensive.

The operational success of a BPO hinges significantly on the indispensable professional knowledge and expertise needed for integrated technology and customer relationship management.

A prominent BPO service provider, acknowledged for its rapid global expansion, delivers digital outsourcing services to leading companies worldwide. With a widespread presence in over 13 countries and a strong alliance with more than 90 technology partners, this organization excels at providing seamless solutions for intricate business challenges.

  • ~$1B Revenues
  • ~400 Clients
  • ~13 Countries
  • ~40k+ Workforce

Business Challenges

  • Planning, Consolidation & Reporting is done using spreadsheets which is time consuming
  • Lack of end to end visibility of revenue at various dimensions like ( Geo/ Campaign/Project/Site level)
  • Data is in unstructured formats that requires a cleansing process
  • Data architecture does not have any integration, leading to lot of manual efforts in preparing the final dataset for reporting

Key Areas

  • FP&A

    Financial planning and analytics involve strategic assessments and data-driven insights to optimize financial performance and decision-making

  • Consolidation

    The amalgamation of resources, operations, or financial information to streamline efficiency and enhance overall coherence

  • MIS

    Enhancing organizational efficiency by collecting, processing, and presenting data in a coherent manner, enabling informed decision-making at various levels within an organization

  • Reporting

    A structured means to convey performance metrics, trends, and outcomes for informed decision-making

Solutions Offering

  • Consolidation & Automation of 700+ G-sheets containing varied revenue models
  • Devised multiple pricing models as per client MPAs, unique to BPO service industry
  • Real-time updating of planning data through generation of scripts & integration through Anaplan Cloud works.
  • Designing of validation rules & logics to ensure governance & data accuracy in multiple source data systems
  • Development of complex dashboard & user matrix for relevant KPIs & C-level stakeholders


  • Automated process in collation & consolidation of Revenue models and Risks & Opportunities and Simple Margin simulators
  • Increased data accuracy & data hygiene resulting in accurate revenue projections from multiple sheets & across multiple Geos
  • Dashboards highlighting key KPI parameters across revenue, direct cost, gross margin, indirect costs & net margin, in a single row format, thereby giving valuable business insights on performance across campaigns & geographies
  • Data Accuracy & estimates increased from 55% to 98% since project inception